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Health Care Link Roundup: Nursing workload stress, promotions, and more!

I’ll be honest; if I read everything that interested me, I’d never get off the Internet. To help us all avoid eyes blinded by monitor screens and atrophied muscles, here’s a roundup of the best health care links I found this week. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments!

HuffPost’s Health News posted some great articles on job satisfaction and productivity for nurses, and even more importantly, tips for nurses to handle their professional stress. I like the focus in both of these articles on health care systems allowing nurses the time and opportunity to administer compassionate care.

Prolific YouTube channel Crash Course is currently doing an excellent series on the fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology – this is a must-watch for any student beginning this course, thinking about a career in health sciences, or if you just need a refresher!

Struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? In this recent article on The New York Times’ Well Blog, scientists try to find the connection between mindfulness and satisfaction with exercise.

And last but not least, this is the last week to use the promo code LOVE2REVIEW on for 20% off and free shipping on your entire order! We’re betting some of you have midterms on the horizon, and even more of you have started wondering how you’ll do on the NCLEX exam. Review early and often, and let us know if you’re looking for any specific tools! We’re here to help.


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