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What is Davis Connect?

You may have noticed some of the posts coming from FA Davis on social media outlets have been coming from our new blog, Davis Connect. Davis Connect is our way of talking about everything and anything that interests us, and hopefully you, in the world of health care professionals.

We hope it’s not just a one-way street, and that you, the reader, will contribute by commenting on the blog posts or on the social media page where you found this. We’re here to engage with instructors, students, clinicians, and anyone interested in the health care world.

We’ll cover a lot ground with the blog, sometimes current events in health care, sometimes pop culture, but always with the purpose of interacting with you.

And we’re always looking for new ideas for things to talk about. If you think we’re missing out on an important topic that should be discussed, let us know. If there’s something you think we missed in one of our posts, let us know. The most important thing is: you let us know!

When any of these ideas come, you can contact us anytime at feedback@fadavis.com. You’ll hear back from us.


Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

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