Student Spotlight: It’s never too late to pave a new path

F.A. Davis Student Spotlight

How much do you believe in a calling?
Would you quit your job? Go into debt?
Leave everything behind?

Former Chemist, Emily Styer, knew it seemed crazy.
But she also knew she was meant for more.

“You could be a Chiropractor.”
The calling felt like a little nudge; a gentle breeze.

Just moments ago, Emily was unloading her scuba gear from her trunk, her thoughts meandering on her recent service trip to Ghana, her first wedding photo shoot in the fall, swing dancing, her next 5K – anything but work.

“I felt like a zombie at my job. I wasn’t able to help anyone or really be myself. I knew there was a greater purpose out there waiting for me. I just didn’t know what it was.”

That all changed when she heard a quiet assurance suggest a new career path:

“You could be a Chiropractor.”

“At the time, I barely knew anything about Chiropractors.”

So she began talking to them and getting her own chiropractic care.  Soon, the subtle nudge she had felt started to make more sense –

“The passion that I sensed in the Chiropractors I spoke with…their dexterity, the warmth in their offices, the study of the body, and their devotion to helping people get back to the place of optimum health – it was so unique to me. It just seemed to fit. Something I knew I could devote my entire life to.”

Six months later, Emily began paving a new path, applying to universities.

F.A. Davis Student Spotlight

Emily Styer (left) with her colleagues at Life University studying for their Orthopedic exams.

It wasn’t long before she found out she was accepted to the largest chiropractic university in the world – Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

“I guess that was the turning point for me. When I realized it’s now or never.”

“Starting all over again – some of my advisors warned me against it.”

“What if you get there and you don’t like it?
What if the classes are too difficult?
Is it worth 4 years of your life?
Leaving all of your friends and family?
Being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt?”

Over a year under her belt at Life University, Emily’s answer is a resounding, “YES!!!!”

F.A. Davis Student Spotlight

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“This is definitely where I’m supposed to be.
Helping people. Talking to them. Caring about them. Improving the quality of their lives.”

Emily recommends you check out this site to learn more about Chiropractic care.

Emily Styer graduated from Millersville University in ’06 with a B.S. in Biology. She worked as a chemist for 5 1/2 years before she followed her calling to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. 

She used F.A. Davis’s Medical Terminology Simplified by Gylys & Masters her first year at Life University.

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