5 Way to Sneak Studying into a Busy Day

5 ways to sneak studying into a busy day

By Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

Homework, class, social life, working out, jobs. All of these leave little time to do the most important thing when pursuing your healthcare degree: study. There are a number of ways to fit additional study time into your busy day without added stress, and can be done while you’re on the go.

1. Apps. Many of us now have smartphones and are able to download both free and paid apps that can help with any area of study. What better way to get some extra study in then by using an app while in line for food or waiting before class? Apps like NCLEX-RN Q&A (available for Android and iPhone/iPod) allow you to build your own quizzes and find out what areas you need more work on.

2. Podcasts. Some of the best retention is done by reading, and then by hearing about the material afterwards. While you’re driving, listening to podcasts (like the ones here under the preview tab) can help cement some of the material you’ve already started work on.

3. E-books. Some of the best review is done while re-reading a chapter. You don’t always need to have your 800-page book with you, which can be a workout. Instead, while you’re working out, bring up the e-version of your text while on the elliptical or treadmill.

4. Voice notes. Use your phone to take voice notes on subject matter you’re having trouble with, and listen while you’re jogging or driving to class. Repetition is the  best way to master difficult material.

5. Socially. As a student, you tend to hang out with fellow students. Talk about the topic matter in class, or a chapter that may have been difficult. Not only will you learn from your peers, you’ll find talking about it will help you remember more of the information and understand it better.

We hope these ideas have helped you come up with ways to study in your busy day. Let us know in the comments below how it worked out for you!

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