Author guidelines at F.A. Davis

Author Areas for Major Health Care Educational Publishers

If you’re looking for a publisher for your textbook, you’re in the right place. Like all my counterparts here at F.A. Davis I receive book proposals frequently throughout the year, some of which I accept and some of which I reject. For those I reject I try to help the individuals find the right publisher.

To do that I recommend that they visit the author page for the major publishers. Nearly all publishers post detailed guidelines on their websites to help potential authors navigate the proposal process.

Here are author pages for the more prominent health care educational publishers in the U.S. (links will open in new window):
Delmar Learning (Cengage)
EMC Paradigm
Elsevier Health
F.A. Davis
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Andy McPhee, Senior Acquisitions Editor for Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Health Information and Informatics, and Physician Assistant

You can find out more about Andy on Facebook or read his insight on publishing in healthcare education here.

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