April is Stress Relief Month at F.A. Davis

April is Stress Relief Month @ Davis Connect

Thanks to everyone who shared, commented, or simply “liked” some of the tips and information we shared during Review Month in March. Even though the month is coming to a close, we know you’re still working harder than ever to pass your tests, ace your classes, guide your students – or maybe you’re beyond all that, and you’re out there offering excellent care to your patients.

If you’re in the health care industry and you’re feeling a bit stressed, this month is for you.

We’ll be sharing stress-relievers like cartoons and stories, stress management tips, advice on how to handle stressful situations from our authors and contributors, and resources around the web that can help!

And remember, if you’re busy studying, you can beat financial stress and get the best deal possible with promo code PREP15 on everything at FADavis.com until 4/20/15. Click on over to see some of our resources tailored to how you study – don’t forget to narrow down by subject in the leftside column!

Finally, if you want access to book previews, better discounts, and other perks, sign up to become a Davis Insider here.

If there’s something you want us to cover this month, let us know in the comments.


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