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Health Care Link Roundup: NCLEX Practice Questions, MightyNurse, and more!

Once again, we’re rounding up the best resources we’ve come across for anyone interested in health care, education, publishing, and more.

I’ve recently stumbled on the community over at MightyNurse.com, and I think it’s such a great resource for students and practicing nurses. They offer weekly NCLEX practice questions if you’re feeling stressed over your impending exam and posts like the 10 characteristics of a great nurse educator to offer those in the field some guidance and support. There’s also stories from nurses in the community, cartoons, videos, and so much more, that I’m going to have to add this one to my regular reads.

In keeping with our Stress Relief theme, here’s an article MightyNurse did a while ago on 10 Ways to Improve Your Mood During a Shift. These are tips anyone could take into a stressful professional setting, whether you’re in the hospital, school, or an office.

Another great resource for weekly NCLEX practice questions is the blog run by Texas Nursing Schools. SO MANY great daily tips that make an instant refresher for anyone studying Fundamentals content.

If history is your thing, you’ll love the blog run by the Barbara Bates Center for The Study of The History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. Their aim is to “link historical scholarship to contemporary health policy issues,” and I think it makes for some fascinating longer reads.

For our friends in physical therapy, we’ve recently discovered Forward Thinking PT, which won an award in 2014 for the Best Research Blog. This is another blog that not only has a ton of great content to peruse, but they’re also active on social media, making it even easier to sneak a little discipline research into your day while you’re riding the train or waiting in line at the bank.

And finally, if you love education and publishing as much as we do, you’ll love the topical info over at Publishing Insight’s blog. They cover academic publishing, self publishing, ebooks, audiobooks – everything you can imagine. I’d highly recommend it for any clinicians or instructors out there who hope to write a textbook.

Run into any blogs or sites lately that you can’t stop reading? Let us know in the comments!


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