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This Week @ F.A. Davis, 4/6-4/12

“April is the cruelest month.” – T.S. Eliot

Mr. Eliot must not have been a Philadelphian, or born on the east coast. With baseball starting, more frequent appearances of the sun, and no snow, we couldn’t be happier that we are in the midst of spring. This week at F.A. Davis we are celebrating the impending warmer weather with another busy week.

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New books:
Christopher Wise’s Orthopaedic Manual Therapy publishes this week. This text takes a look at all the schools of manual therapy, and comes with an electronic version for both students and instructors, along with videos.

Specials: Our 20% off with free shipping deal continues when you use promo code PREP15 at fadavis.com.

What we’re reading: There are so many interesting and informative blogs right now, and we have these in our bookmarks:

Reminders: April is Stress Relief Month at F.A. Davis, so stay tuned here and on all our social media for information, tips, and more.

Thanks for checking in, and we’ll see you next week!
Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

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