Stress Relief Pet Therapy - Cats

Stress Relief Series: In Support of Pet Therapy

There’s so much research out there now, it must be common knowledge: pet owners have an advantage. Our furry friends reduce stress and in turn, improve our overall health. It should come as no surprise that here at F.A. Davis, we love our pets and many of us are crazy for our cats. After all, cats and books go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it only makes sense that we are a company of several cat owners.

I personally come from a family of cat people, and I can share firsthand knowledge of cats reducing stress and prolonging lives. My grandfather lived a long, healthy life with several cats to see him through all 87 years. The stress that comes with different phases of life are all eased by a purring cat on the lap.

Final exams? Studying is made less lonely with a cat on the desk.
Long and challenging hours on the job? A cat greeting on the way through the door helps melt away the day’s frustrations.
Flu got you down? My cat was going to sleep all day anyway. Might as well do it with me.

Some may argue that cats aren’t nearly as dependable for stress relief as dogs since, well, a cat can be elusive at times. Cats, though, have the scientifically-proven ability to heal with their purring. Purring is often achieved when a cat is feeling relaxed and happy (and doing whatever she wants). So what must you do to ensure you are able to reap the benefits of a cat’s purr? Wrapping yourself in a soft blanket or wearing clothing that you absolutely do not want fur on are both ways to attract a cat in search of a cozy spot. Also, slow down and take the purring when you’re offered it.

Working on a computer is ideal for attracting a cat. You may not think you need the break, but kitty knows better. Take a breath, pet the cat, and soak up the purrs. You’ll be better focused and relaxed to continue whatever you were working on.

So, next time you’re feeling stressed about school or work (or you have a broken bone, sore muscles, or an infection), grab a cat and chill.


Molly Ray is the Manager of Health Professions and Taber’s Marketing and has three cats for the health benefits. She loves her cats but denies being a cat lady.

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