Tips to Reduce Travel Stress from F.A. Davis

Travelling Tips to Reduce Stress

Travelling can be a really stressful experience, especially if it’s not something you do too often. Whether you’re travelling now during a busy conference season, or planning a vacation for this summer, there are many ways to help reduce stress during your trip.

  • Bring snacks. Airport food is expensive and usually pretty bad for you. Bring some trail mix and an empty water bottle (fill it once you’ve passed security) and you’re ready to go while you’re waiting in the terminal or on the plane.
  • Get there early. A very obvious point, but this is really the one that makes me the most stressed. You never know how long the line in security will be, or if there will be any hiccups with your boarding pass.
  • Bring stuff to do on the plane. My favorite thing to do on the plane is read my Kindle (that used to be #2, taking over the #1 spot when Skymall went out of business). The plane is a perfect time to bring some of your review texts or load up some apps onto your tablet and get some extra study and review time in.
  • Make a checklist before packing. You don’t want to be running around at the last minute trying to make sure you have everything you need for your trip, so before you even pack, make a list of the things (phone charger, deodorant) you’ll be totally lost without.
  • Have fun! If you’re on vacation, relax on the beach. If you’re at a conference, attend sessions and hang out with your fellow students or instructors. Wherever you’re going, take time to enjoy a new city or place.

Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

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