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Health Care Link Roundup: Stress Relief Edition

To continue our theme of “Stress Relief” this April, this edition of our health care Link Roundup will feature links to stress-related news, tips for stress management, and more.

  • The Mayo Clinic provides a helpful piece on how exercise helps reduce stress, and explains some of the science behind it. We’re fortunate at F.A. Davis, in that the company provides partial coverage of a gym only a couple of blocks away. It’s the perfect lunchtime break.
  • The Mayo Clinic also has a stress blog, written by Dr. Edward Creagan. There are a lot of interesting entries there, from managing burn-out at the workplace, to using visualization to help get through tough times.
  • Stressed? Grab a candy barMedical Daily has an interesting article about how our brains aren’t fooled by sugar substitutes, and that real sugar helps us deal with stress.
  • We can’t eat sugar every time we’re stressed. Luckily, Time Magazine has a list of 12 foods perfect to eat when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • US News and World Report has relaxation tips for when you feel like you’re about to burst at work. Read this and count to 10 before confronting any pesky co-workers.
  • Check your email less: WebMD reports on a recent study of 124 adults that were split up into two groups: one that was allowed to check email as often as they wanted, the other limited to 3 times a day. Check the link for the results.

Hopefully these will have you covered as we gear down to the end of the semester. As always, if there are some links you like and want to share, let us know in the comments!

Paul Marone, Senior Marketing and Social Media Manager

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