Graduation and career preparation at Davis Connect

And Our May Theme Is…

Just in case the photo above didn’t give it away, this month is all about GRADUATION and CAREER PREPARATION.

So instructors, while we still recommend snooping around for the great content we’ll be dishing out this month, many of our posts will be geared toward the next steps students will be taking as they leave your classrooms, pass their certification exams, and begin their careers in their chosen health profession.

Throughout the month of May, look out for these upcoming posts on Davis Connect:

  • What conferences we’ll be attending this summer (We’ll be seeing you, AST, ACSM, APTA,  ADHA, and so many more!)
  • Tips for beginning your research in health professions
  • A link roundup for Nurses Week (May 6-12th) so you don’t miss any resources for nursing appreciation online
  • A guest post from one of our favorite blogs on the Top 5 Things Learned in Clinical Practice (wise words for students here!)
  • Employing complexity leadership in real-life career scenarios
  • Physical therapy abroad – what it’s like to work outside the U.S. using your degree in health professions

Have something you’d like to see as part of our graduation and career-themed month? Want to tell us your graduation story or why you chose your discipline and get published on our blog? Comment below or email us at!


Alisa Hathaway, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Creative Services

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