National Nurses Week 2015 at F.A. Davis Company

Health Care Link Roundup: Nurses Week Edition!

First things first…

Happy National Nurses Week 2015

HAPPY NURSES WEEK! At F.A. Davis, we are constantly humbled by the compassion, expertise, and skill that comes from our nursing authors and contacts, and we hope all our nursing friends are taking the time this week to celebrate your profession. Read on for some links we thought you would enjoy this week!

You could check out some nurse-themed inspiration on

Trust Me I'm a Nurse

Image via published a special collection of their series, The Next Shift, for Nurses Week. Read on for some community-submitted short stories about nursing careers! (Warning: some possible tears ahead.)

Don’t doubt how necessary nurses are – doctors and nurses from the Delaware Medical Relief Team are currently headed to Nepal to care for victims of last week’s earthquake.

Have a nurse friend? Send her (or him!) an e-card this week and make their day.

Remember history’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale? You can read up on her for her birthday (May 12th) or send her bio to a friend in the profession.

And finally, we want to show our appreciation, too! Nab a free gift with your order and 20% off if you need any NCLEX resources, references, or anything other texts this month!

Celebrate National Nurses Week free tote bag




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