Author Guest Blog: Complexity Leadership in a Career Setting

By Diana M. Crowell PhD, RN, NEA-BC

Ready or not, nurses entering the profession at every level will be expected to take on leadership roles. In complexity leadership, the style  is transformational, self-reflective, collaborative, and relationship-based. The Personal Being and Awareness component includes the use of self-reflective and self-care practices for mind, body, and spirit. Distancing oneself from linear leadership and employing complexity leadership  can require personal strength,  courage, and self-awareness.

The excerpt below is directly from the text, Complexity Leadership: Nursing’s Role in Health Care Delivery.

The two scenarios involving Jerry illustrate the immediate  consequences of  Jerry’s behavior and allude to the long-term effects in a collaborative health care setting.

Complexity Leadership Case Study

From Complexity Leadership by Diana M. Crowell, ©2011, F.A. Davis Company. All rights reserved.


Have you faced situations where you employed complexity leadership in your career? Tell us your story in the comments!





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