Jamaican Tings Physical therapy blog by Larry Devinney

Where Will Your Career in Health Care Take You?

As you are preparing for graduation and starting your career, you will see that there are many different directions that you can go. If you are looking for an adventure and want to see what it could be like working as a physical therapist outside of the United States, check out this blog written by Larry Devinney, a recent PT graduate of Arcadia University. He has been living in Junction, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica since August 2014 working as a PT for Friends of the Redeemer United (FOR U). FOR U has a mission to encourage the healing process through awareness and involvement in spiritual, social, educational, and health-related services in rural Jamaica.

Larry started a photography program with his patients where they all receive a disposable camera to document things that they feel define who they are currently. He calls it the photo project.

“The photo project will take place over about a month where the patients will work on capturing the things that make up who they feel they are. It will end with an arts and crafts day where all of the patients will come together to make a photo collage of them-selves and take time to share it with the group. I believe that herein lies an opportunity to combine many aspects of rehabilitation, from physically taking the pictures and working on fine motor skills with creating a photo collage, to psychosocial aspects of improving self-efficacy of the individual as they work through the process of self-definition, to the undeniable benefits of bringing a group together to work together and share their stories.”

Click here to view Larry’s first post about the photo project and click here to view a video about the project.

If you are interested in following Larry’s journey as a PT in Jamaica, here is a link to his full blog.

For more information about working outside of the United States and about FOR U, start here:


Laura Saylor, Associate Marketing and Convention Manager

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