Back to School at F.A. Davis Company

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Publishers)

Welcome back to Davis Connect!

I’m sure it seems like all’s been quiet around here lately, and perhaps you thought we were out there soaking up the summer sun, hitting the beach, and coasting through summer vacation. But, as any instructor reading this knows, just because class isn’t in session doesn’t mean you’re not hard at work preparing for the Fall semester. That’s what we’ve been doing, too!

We have been plotting our most exciting Back to School season yet here at F.A. Davis, and we can’t wait to show our favorite students, instructors, and clinicians what’s in store.

So whether you’re already prepping for Back to School or you’ve got a few more weeks before you have to buckle down, follow us here at Davis Connect by email or check back often for exclusive, behind-the-books content from our esteemed authors.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll see on the blog as we bid summer goodbye and look ahead to our fall semester:

  • Dr. Morton Diamond, MD, FACP, FAHA, FACC(E), author of our PA Exam Review text, will be breaking down exclusive sample test questions and offering tips on how to read between the lines to uncover the correct answers.
  • Dr. Edward Weber, DO, our author and go-to radiologist, will be offering insights on how to look beyond the X-ray and see the patient to offer better diagnoses. You can watch him talk us through the benefits of his text here, and be sure to check back for his posts!
  • Do you ever wonder how many sets of eyes and hands a book goes through before it gets to publication? In our brand new Behind the Books feature, we’ve got interviews with some of the key players here at F.A. Davis that turn book proposals into fantastic textbooks! If you’re thinking about authoring a textbook or would just like to learn more about how publishers operate day-to-day, we highly recommend staying tuned for these interviews.
  • Speaking of going “behind the books,” we’ve got some great on-set pictures and stories from our video shoot for the upcoming edition of Diseases of the Human Body. We promise the gross-out factor is minimal, and you’ll get a little peak into everything that goes into shooting procedural videos that you can use in the classroom and beyond. We had the authors on-set to keep everything clinically accurate, and an army of editors, videographers, assistants, actors, and more to perfect the finished product!
  • Finally, we know getting the best deal on everything you need for class is important. For exclusive deals in the coming weeks, sign up here to become a Davis Insider. And if you need your resources ASAP, we’re currently offering 20% off and free shipping to our blog and social followers – just use the promo code BYESUMMER at checkout. (The offer applies to all print books, no other exclusions!)

To wrap it up, THANK YOU for following us here at Davis Connect. If there’s something you’d like to see on the blog or just want to drop us a line, you can always reach us at

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