F. A. Davis: Behind the Books #1

Meet Tom Morris, our Business Systems Manager with a surprising hidden talent!

Name: Tom Morris
Birthdate: September 27, 1969
Age: 45
Height: 5’9
Eye Color: Green
Title at F. A. Davis: Business Systems Manager
Years Worked at F. A. Davis: 17
Alias (Middle name, Street you grew up on): Bobby McKean
Left/Right Handed: Right Handed
How did you get your job at F. A. Davis? I saw an ad in the Newspaper (remember those?)
What made you want to work at F. A. Davis? Medical Publishing, a business that helps people….  A noble profession!
What does your job entail here at F. A. Davis? Overseeing operations of the Business Systems:  Custom development, source control, integrations, report development, maintaining and administering business databases, ERP and other business system platforms.  Managing and advising requests from the business units/analysts to deliver on their objectives.
What is your favorite part of your job? The people I work with.
What is your favorite part about the company? That it’s family owned and steeped in tradition.
Do you have a favorite F. A. Davis product? I’m still quite fond of Tabers, its rich history and quality.
What song is the soundtrack of your life?  Blue, Red and Grey by The Who
What’s your favorite color? Green
Do you have any hidden talents? I write & record my own music.
What’s your favorite movie? The Godfather

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