Student Guest Blog: Advice to Freshman Nursing Students

Many College students are away from home for the first time. I agree it’s exciting and scary at the same time, no rules! Let me give you some advice that will help you succeed while still getting the college experience; your freshman year is your foundation. It’s when you are completing your gen –eds.  It important to stay focused and do well in these classes. It’s what’s going to keep your GPA up if you struggle later on. I’m not saying sit in your dorm all year. Go enjoy yourself, make friends who are nursing students! They will come in handy for study groups.

As you get more into your core nursing classes, make a schedule, be color coordinated. Don’t fall behind! Read the chapters before you attend class and skim it after class. Study a little every day, it pays off when it’s a few days before the test and you’re not cramming.

Ask questions! Nothing is a bad question in nursing; it could save someone’s life. Don’t be afraid to approach your teacher for clarification or even advice. They have been in your shoes. They had to go through nursing school; they know what it’s like.

Nursing is a lot of information and it’s all important.  It can become overwhelming.  Take a step back every once and a while.  Take one day off a week from all school things and binge watch your favorite TV show, go out with friends. Sometimes you need to take a breath.  Nursing school isn’t as scary as I make it seem I promise! You have your good days and you have your bad days. You will have classes that you dread and you will have classes that you can’t put the textbook down its so interesting!

Nursing school tests are all about finding the best answer.  It may not make sense as a freshman but it will later on. Pretend you’re walking in to a patient’s room while taking a test. Visualize it. Safety is important. Airway is your priority. I wish you the best of luck!


Amanda is a Senior Nursing student at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. 

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