Kinesiology in Action adaptive practice activities

Struggling with Kinesiology? Application is everything!

On Davis Connect, we’ve previously discussed flipping the classroom and how you can enhance learning using online tools during class time AND outside the classroom.

One new product that emphasizes this idea is Kinesiology in Action.

We talk to a lot of PT instructors and students, and one of the things we keep hearing is how difficult a subject Kinesiology is to teach and learn. When your class time must be spent covering the material, it leaves little time for application by the students. That can make a tricky subject even more difficult to remember when the test rolls around.

That’s exactly why we developed Kinesiology in Action. Instructors can use it, in tandem with their favorite Kinesiology text, to assign activities and lessons to students to perform outside of class, so they’re better prepared to hit the ground running once they return to the classroom.

Kinesiology in Action video library

With Kinesiology in Action, students have access to a variety of different activities, like videos, labelling, “hot spot” activities, and quizzes. Instructors are able to easily monitor student activity from their gradebook, which tracks grades, progress, and time spent on each activity.

Kinesiology in Action hotspot activity

Sound interesting? You can view this video to learn more.

If you’re an instructor, you can schedule a personal demo of Kinesiology in Action or request preview access to investigate the product on your own time.

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