F. A. Davis: Behind the Books #8

Meet Jean Rodenberger, the Editor in Chief of our Nursing Editorial department!

Name: Jean Rodenberger
Birthdate: July 21, 1967
Age: 48 (for now)
Height: 5’ 5”
Eye Color: Green
Title at F.A. Davis: Editor In Chief, Nursing
Years Worked at F. A. Davis: 4 and a half
Alias (Middle name, Street you grew up on): Elizabeth Club
Left/Right Handed: Right
What does your job entail here at F. A. Davis? I am essentially responsible for driving business through the nursing list. So that involves a lot of different things-it involves setting up the strategy for the group and it involves deciding what we want to do next, where do we want to invest our dollars, where we want to spend our time? It also involves managing all of the people that do all of the work in this group
What’s your favorite part of your job? I love this business because it’s so dynamic, no two days are the same, no weeks are the same, no years are the same. It never gets boring. There are always challenges because technology is changing, our market is changing, and then there is the economy, and the way society is changing. All of those things feed into why I love this business-but it’s also the people I get to work with. The people in my group are the best. And in this role I also get to work with people in virtually every department and functional area of the company
How did you get the job at F. A. Davis? The easy answer is that I was acquainted with Bob Martone, who worked in this group, and he encouraged me to look into this position. That’s how I ended up being here, but the long answer is that I have been in the business for 20 years, I started in sales and worked through various marketing and editorial roles before coming to F. A. Davis.
What is your favorite part about the company? The loyalty that the company shows to the people and the loyalty the people show to the company.
What made you want to work at F. A. Davis? Partly the same answer to the last question. I love this business, but I very strongly wanted something that was less corporate and this was the perfect combination.
Do you have a favorite product? That’s a really hard question. I’m going have to say no because if I say a favorite product, I’ll probably come back later and tell you that I changed my mind.
Do you have a favorite hobby? I only really have time for one hobby and that’s exercise, so I guess that would have to be my favorite, but if I had more time it would be travel.
Who would play you in a movie about your life? I want Laura Linney to play me. I’ve thought about that one!
Do you have any hidden talents? My kids say “you know the one thing you’re good at mom is rhymes.” I write poems for them all the time. I would say that I’m good at poetry, except I’m not good at poetry, I’m just good at the rhyming part. So my hidden talent is rhyming.



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