F.A. Davis Favorite Health Care Podcasts

Our Favorite Health Care Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming one of the quickest-growing methods for people to receive news and entertainment. According to Pew Research, podcast listenership reached its highest point in 2014, with the success of such podcasts like Serial and the launch of three new podcast networks.

In 2015, the trend is continuing, and we are now at a point where nearly double the amount of people are listening to podcasts than in 2008 (from 9% of Americans to 17%).

There is no shortage of podcasts for all these new listeners. There are comedy podcasts, ones about celebrity gossip, podcasts that talk about your favorite book, movie, show, etc. Basically, there is a podcast for everything. And some of the best podcasts are the ones that are healthcare-related.

To help you wade through the waters of podcast land, here is a list of our favorite healthcare podcasts, in no particular order:

  • Medscape Nurses Podcast: Extremely informative podcast on a wide variety of topics that are important to nurses, including geriatric care, the latest in cancer research, and antibiotic research. Episodes are published weekly, and often include guest experts.
  • PT Pintcast: This is a really fun podcast for students in Physical Therapy. Host Jimmy McKay was a radio broadcaster for over 10 years before realizing his true calling was in Physical Therapy. Now a PT student, McKay has a new guest each week, each week enjoying a different beer as they discuss the latest in PT.
  • Geriatric Nursing: Interested in some extra lecture time while in the car or at the gym? Check out these geriatric nursing lectures provided the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Each week the podcast tackles a senior citizen-related topic in nursing, like aging and driving, senior depression, and memory loss.
  • The Sports Medicine Podcast: Started by an Athletic Training instructor to help enhance his classes for his students, this podcast is now in its 4th year and maintains its student-focused theme.
  • The Nursing Show: Weekly show that is perfect for students with nursing career interviews and general medical information.
  • American Council on Exercise 15 Minutes To Wellness: The American Council on Exercise is the largest health and fitness professional certification body in the world (and partner with FA Davis on Exercise Science titles). Their archive of podcasts features expert guests in health, psychology, science, fitness and other fields, each offering their valuable insight to help you to live your most fit life.

Check these out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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