F. A. Davis: Behind the Books #9

Meet our Manager of Health Professions and Taber’s Marketing, and one of the people who brought you the Medical Language Lab, Molly Ray!

Name: Molly Ray
Birthdate: July 14
5’ 7”
Eye Color:
Title at F. A. Davis:
Manager of Health Professions and Taber’s Marketing
Years Worked at F. A. Davis:
5 years
Alias (Middle name, Street you grew up on):
Terese Tuttle
Left/Right Handed:

What does your job entail here at F. A. Davis? More than I can handle! It’s a lot of strategic planning for all of the health professions markets and then having to actually execute those plans, which like I said is more than I can handle at times. It’s email and video promotions and online and print.

What’s your favorite part of your job? I would say the team that I have that I work with, and actually the whole marketing department. It’s a really great group of people to work with.

How did you get the job at F. A. Davis? I actually don’t know how I found the posting but I ended up applying. I did apply to the job because I was desperately trying to shorten my commute, at the time I had something like almost a 2 hour commute. But I just applied, it wasn’t even anything like who I knew. Then, I got interviewed and I ended up coming in and talking to a bunch of different people and being hired.

What is your favorite part about the company? I would say that it is the family element. It makes it interesting and a completely different environment than I’ve ever worked in.

What made you want to work at F. A. Davis? As I said, I was desperately trying to shorten my commute but I also liked the idea of being part of a marketing department. Prior to that I had been a product manager, and I had been also in marketing communications but I had not been in a marketing department with marketing colleagues like what was the structure here. So that was a huge part of what I wanted to be doing, to have more of my own colleagues that did what I did.

Do you have a favorite product? I have a pet product; it’s Medical Language Lab because it was the first of the online learning sites. I just like the technology piece, so it’s not like medical terminology is exciting but still love Medical Language Lab.

If you were to write a book what would it be about? I always think about this! This is a really hard question because I always have like a million different ideas but ultimately I really think I want to write a book that is urban fantasy. It would be about witches definitely though because I like witches and not vampires!

What is your favorite song? I have so many, that’s so hard! Well, I really really love “Rainbow Connection”, like the Muppets song. So much so that when my fiancé and I did a little adult dance recital, I made him dance to rainbow connection and we did waltz to it. So I guess it must be my favorite song.

Do you have a motto? When I was younger, there was a William Blake quote and it’s “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” which I always liked when I was being crazy in my 20s. But now that I’m older I actually have another one, I changed it to “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build your own door” Milton Berle said that.

What is your favorite food? Avocado, I could eat them all day

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