F.A. Davis free educational webinars

Spring Semester 2016 Webinars, February 22-23

F.A. Davis is developing more tools than ever for instructors to use in the classroom, with a textbook or on their own. If you’re looking for new ways for your students to practice, apply, and assess their skills, consider one of our free educational webinars. We offer complete curriculum solutions for RN, LPN, Psychiatric nursing, Pathophysiology, Medical Terminology, Kinesiology, and so much more.

We have SO MANY webinars running this week, we split it into two posts. You’ll see the 2nd group of webinars on Wednesday! Remember, if you want to attend but can’t make the timeslot, register anyway! We’ll send you a recording of the webinar so you can listen on your own time. We also offer plenty of repeats or even personal demos of our products, so we can connect with you on your schedule.

Monday, February 22nd

1pm EST: Calculating Dosages Online
If you’re looking for more information about Calculating Dosages Online, let the product experts help in this brief webinar. They will show you how to navigate the site, go over important features, and answer any other questions you may have about Calculating Dosages Online. REGISTER HERE.

2:30pm EST: Yes! Students Can Conquer Medical Coding
Conquer Medical Coding gives you the curriculum solution you’ve wanted for your comprehensive medical office coding course. Unique visual flowcharts give students a reproducible process for how to code. Case scenarios in the text, workbook, and on Medical Coding Lab gives students practice rooted in real life situations. We help you get started with our curriculum solution with LessonPro, the teaching guide that gives you detailed lesson plans and links to relevant resources for each lesson. Learn more about the curriculum solution you’ve been waiting for! REGISTER HERE.

3pm EST: Conceptual Learning For All
Learning conceptually helps students and faculty in all types of curriculum. From high-tech, to low-tech, to no-tech, these strategies can prove effective in helping students develop critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. By empowering students to address concepts (regardless of faculty style or curricular structure) they develop habits that allow them to more effectively address complex situations. You don’t have to revise your curriculum in order to teach conceptually. Let Dr. Tim Bristol, author of Essentials of E-Learning for Nurse Educators, show you how. REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, February 23rd

10am EST: Dental Care Decisions
DentalCareDecisions.com combines our brand-new comprehensive core text, Dental Hygiene: Applications to Clinical Practice by Rachel Henry and Maria Perno Goldie, with an innovative online learning environment. Interactive exercises that build recognition of key equipment, anatomical features, and dental procedures will provoke critical thinking and take your students from learning theory in the classroom to actually applying it in a clinical setting. REGISTER HERE.

1pm EST: Davis Advantage – The Pathophysiology Solution
DavisAdvantage.com combines a brand-new text with an innovative online program that makes this challenging, but must-know content easier to teach and easier to master. You’ll see how its Personalized Learning Plan provides everything students need to succeed, while the Personalized Teaching Plan offers you the tools and resources you need to focus class time on your students’ areas of weakness. REGISTER HERE.


Check back next week for more webinars, or visit our Events page to see what’s coming up!

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