F.A. Davis free educational webinars

Spring Semester 2016 Webinars, February 24-25

We have SO MANY webinars running this week, we split it into two posts. Here is our second half of the week! Remember, if you want to attend but can’t make the timeslot, register anyway! We’ll send you a recording of the webinar so you can listen on your own time. We also offer plenty of repeats or even personal demos of our products, so we can connect with you on your schedule.

Wednesday, February 24th

1pm EST: LPN Complete Curriculum Solution
Make teaching and learning easier with your complete solution for LPN/LVN. If you are teaching Fundamentals or Medical-Surgical Nursing join our team of content experts as they walk you through our products and resources to help you save time and keep your students engaged. REGISTER HERE.

2pm EST: Kinesiology in Action in the Classroom
Kinesiology in Action is the new online tool that is used with your current kinesiology text to support your teaching of this complicated topic through interactive exercises, videos, and quizzes. With 10 modules of interactive activities, Kinesiology in Action guides your students through their learning of Kinesiology and allows them to come to class better prepared and more confident. REGISTER HERE.

3:30pm EST: Simplify & Demystify: Teaching and Learning Med Term with the Medical Language Lab
Let us show you how to make teaching and learning medical terminology easy! The Medical Language Lab is an interactive and progressive online learning tool designed to guide students toward medical language fluency. With an integrated gradebook, class customization and cloning, and a package of instructor resources for course planning, this is the pick up and go medical terminology teaching solution. Join our webinar to learn more. REGISTER HERE.


Thursday, February 25th

12pm EST: Davis Edge NCLEX-RN®
Introducing the NEW Davis Edge NCLEX-RN®! Davis Edge is an adaptive Q&A program designed to help improve your school’s NCLEX pass rate. Detailed metrics help you spot at-risk students who are struggling with the concepts they need to know to pass the NCLEX. Your students will benefit from thousands of NCLEX-style questions that help them recognize their strengths and remediate their weaknesses. REGISTER HERE.


Visit our Events page for more information on upcoming webinars!

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