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Dear Future Nursing Student

Amy Weber, a nursing student at Montgomery County Community College, called Customer Service just to tell us about how much she loves Davis Edge NCLEX- RN! We were delighted to get this feedback and asked her to write a letter as if she were writing to a future nursing student.  Here is what Amy had to say…

Dear Future Nursing Student,

I am writing this letter to encourage you to do something that I wish I had done during my last few semesters of nursing school.

When I reflect back on my time in college, there is one main thing I wish I had done, and that is to invest a small amount of money ($89/for the year, or 24 cents a day!) in Davis Edge NCLEX- RN®.

This program is so simple to navigate, and it is sharply focused on exposing you to every aspect of nursing care. The questions vary in difficulty, and the rationales are comprehensive, yet concise. I can already see visible progress in my ability to answer alternate format questions such as “Select all that Apply.” My favorite aspect of this program is that it identifies all of my weakest areas, and allows me to continually quiz myself until I improve. I have found that the more comfortable I become with higher level questions, the more I actually understand them. This will translate into better grades on ALL exams for those of you still in nursing school, and confidence going into the NCLEX!

One of the other features of this program I appreciate is the fact that you can only answer 20 questions per quiz (or 5, or 10). Everyone can do at LEAST 20 questions per day. No more “I have no time to do extra questions” excuses!

I searched high and low on the Internet for a program containing well-written, challenging NCLEX practice questions with rationales, and the capability to measure your own personal progress. Nothing I have found comes close to the value of Davis Edge.

So if you are still in nursing school, this program is for you, and if you are like me, and taking the NCLEX soon, this program is for you too!

Davis Edge NCLEX-RN® is already giving ME an edge, and it is my hope that you will discover that same edge for yourself!


Amy Weber
Montgomery County Community College
Blue Bell, PA

Take Amy’s advice! Discover the same edge for yourself by trying Davis Edge NCLEX-RN 2 days for FREE!

Better yet, do what Amy wished she had done a long time ago and purchase the product here.



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