Davis Edge NCLEX-RN

Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week Intro!

Listen up, nursing students!

Last week on the blog we shared a letter that Amy Weber, a nursing student at Montgomery County Community College, wrote to all of you current and future nursing students. This particular student was encouraging all of you to do something she wished she had done a long time ago,  to invest a small amount of money ($89 for the year, or 24 cents a day!) in Davis Edge NCLEX-RN®.

This week on the blog, we are introducing you to something we are super excited about!

At F.A Davis, we are committed to helping you pass the NCLEX the first time around, which is why we created and put so much time into Davis Edge NCLEX-RN. We have worked so hard to provide you with high quality content, test-taking tips, in-depth rationales, customization, and personal support, and want to show you first hand!

Every Thursday we will be posting a question pulled directly from Davis-Edge NCLEX-RN. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! The answer and rationale will also be provided. Not only will you be able to quiz yourself but you will also be able to understand why you got a question wrong and improve your critical-thinking skills with comprehensive rationales that explain why an answer is correct or incorrect.

If you like the types of questions you see try Davis Edge NCLEX-RN® 2 days for FREE!

Better yet, do what Amy wished she had done a long time ago and purchase the product here!

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