Davis Edge NCLEX-RN

Davis Edge NCLEX Tip #1

Nursing students, did you know that Davis Edge NCLEX-RN also provides you with test-taking tips?

As we all know, there is no substitute for being over-prepared for a test. However, when you are uncertain of a correct answer, test-taking tips are strategies you can use to get to the correct answer.

Test-taking tip # 1: Identify patient-centered options.

  • Patient-centered options focus on feelings, opportunities for patients to make choices, and actions that empower patients or support patient preferences.
  • More often than not, a patient-centered option is the correct answer.
  • For example, a patient-centered option might say, “What spices would you like me to sprinkle on your food?” or “Do you want to walk after your bath or after your lunch?” These example options give a patient an opportunity to make a choice, which supports independence. A nursing action that supports a patient’s independence is an example of a patient-centered option.
  •  Study tip: Compose your own patient-centered options that would be a correct answer for the scenario presented in the question. “I would be mad, too, if my food were cold, but what can I do for you right now to make it better?,” “How about if I write down the questions that you have for your doctor so that you don’t forget to ask them when the doctor makes rounds today?,” or “Losing a leg can be difficult.”

Keep a look out for more helpful tips to come or get instant access by trying Davis Edge NCLEX- RN two days for free! 

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