Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week #3

An immobile client reports dizziness when the nurse is transferring him or her from the bed. What is the immediate nursing intervention to be taken?

Question Options:
1. Move the client to the chair.
2. Place the client on the stretcher.
3. Return the client to a recumbent position.
4. Allow the client to steady himself for a moment.

Correct Answer(s): 3

Option 1: Shifting the client to the chair may aggravate the condition, especially if the vitals are abnormal.
Option 2: It is not an appropriate nursing intervention, because the condition may be aggravated further.
Option 3: If the client experiences dizziness during the transfer, the immediate nursing intervention would be to return him or her to the recumbent position and check the vital signs.
Option 4: This nursing intervention is useful if the client is experiencing postural hypotension.

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