Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week #20

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For this week’s NCLEX Question of the Week…

The nurse is assessing the weight and height of 1-year-old children and comparing their current heights and weights to their birth weights and heights. Which child does the nurse expect to have proper growth and development?


Question Options:
1.) Child A
2.) Child B
3.) Child C
4.) Child D

Option 1: The child’s height is increased by only 0.6 foot and weight by only 9 lbs. The child who has adequate growth will have an increase of 1- foot in height and will triple the weight at birth after 1 year. However, the child has increased in height by 0.6 foot and the weight increase is 3lbs less than required which indicates inadequate development.

Option 2:From birth to 1 year, the weight of the child triples and the height increases by 1 foot if adequate nutrition and health are maintained. The child B’s weight tripled and height increased by 1 foot, therefore, child B is said to have appropriate growth and development.

Option 3:The child’s height is increased by only 0.6 foot and weight by only 10 lbs after a year and is less than the expected height and weight for a one-year-old child. Therefore, the child C has inadequate development.

Option 4: The child’s height is increased by 0.6 foot and weight by only 12 lbs compared to a height increase of 1 foot and weight that has tripled. This indicates that the child has inadequate development.

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