Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week #21

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The nurse is reviewing the medical reports of four clients and concludes that one of the clients needs a potassium supplement. Which client needs a potassium supplement?


Question Options:
1.) Client A
2.) Client B
3.) Client C
4.) Client D

Correct Option/Answers: 1

Option 1: Bumetanide-bumex is a loop diuretic and it is used to treat congestive heart failure. It depletes potassium levels in the client. So the client has a risk of potassium deficiency. Therefore, a potassium supplement is essential for Client A.

Option 2: Dopamine increases blood pressure and is used to treat Ebstein anomaly. It does not affect the potassium levels.

Option 3: Captopril relaxes the coronary arteries and is used to treat acquired congenital heart disease. Captopril does not deplete the potassium levels.

Option 4: Prostaglandin E1 maintains blood flow to the lungs and is used to treat tricuspid atresia. Prostaglandin E1 does not reduce the potassium levels.

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