Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week #22

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A nurse is teaching posture maintenance for prevention of back injuries to a client. Which statement from the client indicates effective learning? Select all that apply.

Question Options:
1.) “I should sit close to my desk at work.”
2.) “I should lock my knees when standing upright.”
3.) “I should stand still for at least one hour after having lunch.”
4.) “I should sit with my feet flat on the floor and my knees flexed below my hips.”
5.) “I should bend forward at the waist when working in a low position.”

Correct Option/Answers: 1,4

Option 1: Sitting close to one’s work helps maintain proper posture by eliminating the need for inappropriate bending, stretching, or straining.
Option 2: It is important not to lock the knees when standing upright to maintain good posture.
Option 3: Avoiding standing in one position for any length of time is a key method for maintaining good posture.
Option 4: Sitting with the feet flat on the floor and knees below the hips improves the body posture.
Option 5: Avoid bending forward at the waist or neck when working in low position because it may lead to improper body alignment.

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