Davis Edge Question of the Week #24

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The nurse is teaching a client who experiences difficulty eating about different diets that are modified according to consistency. On a follow-up visit, the nurse finds that the client has developed constipation. Which diet would the nurse suspect for causing constipation in the client?

Question Options:
1.) Full liquids
2.) Clear liquids
3.) Pureed diet
4.) Mechanical soft diet

Correct Option/Answers: 4

Option 1: Full liquids do not provide a balanced diet. However, it supplies adequate water content to the body. Therefore, it helps to relieve constipation.
Option 2: Clear liquids cannot provide proteins, calories, and other nutrients to the client. However, they can be used for constipation because of high water content.
Option 3: A pureed diet is a blended diet and is easy to eat. It is used for clients who have difficulty in swallowing food.
Option 4: A mechanical soft diet is rich in nutrients but lacks fiber. Therefore, its intake may cause an increased risk of constipation.

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