Davis Edge Question of the Week #26

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The registered nurse is evaluating a student nurse’s understanding of the components of the medication label. Which statement made by the student nurse indicates the need for further teaching?


Question Options:
1.) “The generic name of the drug is ERY-TAB.”
2.) “The dosage form of the drug is delayed-release tablets.”
3.) “The drug dose per tablet is 333 mg.”
4.) “The tablet can be administered with or without meals.”

Correct Option/Answers: 1

Option 1: ERY-TAB is the trade name of the drug, whereas erythromycin is the generic name of the drug.
Option 2: The drug is available in the form of delayed-release tablets.
Option 3: Each tablet contains 333 mg of the drug.
Option 4: According to the special instructions on the medication label, the drug can be administered without regard to meals.

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