Davis Edge Question of the Week #27

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A nurse is assessing four student nurses while adding sterile solution to the sterile field. Which student nurse’s action is correct?


Question Options:
1.) Student A
2.) Student B
3.) Student C
4.) Student D

Correct Option/Answers: 3

Option 1: The student nurse should hold the sterile solution 4 to 6 inches above the sterile field. Pouring the sterile solution from 9 inches would lead to splashing, which in turn contaminates the sterile field.
Option 2: Student B should not store the sterile solution for further use. Reusing the opened container will lead to contamination.
Option 3: Student C’s action is correct. The sterile bowl should be placed at the corner of the sterile field, which would prevent the nurse from reaching over and contaminating the field.
Option 4: Student D should wear the gloves after adding the supplies to the sterile field. Adding supplies after donning the sterile gloves would contaminate them.

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