Davis Edge Question of the Week #29

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The nurse is caring for clients with diabetes. After evaluating the nutritional status of the clients, which client does the nurse expect to be at risk of malnutrition?


Question Options:
1.) Client 1
2.) Client 2
3.) Client 3
4.) Client 4

Correct Option/Answers: 2

Option 1: The BMI of client 1 is 24.6, which indicates that the client 1 is of normal weight.
Option 2: The body mass index (BMI) is calculated by the formula, BMI = Weight in kilograms/(Height in meters) The BMI of the client 2 is 17.75, which is less than the normal and indicates underweight. Low BMI indicates malnutrition.
Option 3: By considering the weight and height, the BMI of client 3 is 21.32. This indicates that client 3 is of normal weight.
Option 4: The BMI of client 4 is 24.74, which indicates that client 4 is of normal weight.

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