Davis Edge Question of the Week #30

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The nurse is reviewing the urinalysis reports of a client. What does the nurse conclude from these findings?


Question Options:
1.) The client has malaria.
2.) The client has proteinuria.
3.) The client has dehydration.
4.) The client has nephrolithiasis.

Correct Option/Answers: 1

Option 1: Urobilinogen levels greater than 1 mg/dL indicate malaria. Therefore, a urobilinogen value of 1.5 mg/dL indicates malaria in the client.
Option 2: Protein levels less than 20 mg/dL indicate normal findings; also, protein levels increase during proteinuria. Therefore, the client does not have proteinuria.
Option 3: The normal specific gravity of urine is in the range of 1.001–1.035. Increased urinary specific gravity indicates dehydration. As the client does not have increased urinary specific gravity, he or she does not have dehydration.
Option 4: Nephrolithiasis is characterized by hematuria. The normal red blood cell count in urine is less than 5/HPF. Therefore, a red blood cell count of 2/HPF does not indicate nephrolithiasis in the client.

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