2018 Nursing Scholarship

Spotlight on the 2017 Nursing Scholarship Runners-up

With so many exemplary applications submitted in 2017, F.A. Davis is also excited to announce that this year we have also awarded four runners-up with $100 gift cards and a free copy of one of our sponsoring titles. The two undergraduate scholarship runners-up are Moyosoreoluwa Akintunde, an RN-BSN student at Emory University and Natalie M. Kustner, an RN-BSN student at University of Wisconsin School of Nursing. The two graduate scholarship runners-up are Camille Richards, an MSN student at Virginia Commonwealth University and Sylvana Paternite, an MSN student from Indiana Wesleyan University.

As we prepare for the 2018 scholarship season, we wanted to share their stories and essays with other students curious about our scholarship opportunity!

Undergraduate Runners-up:
Read Moyosoreoluwa’s essay
Read about Natalie

Graduate Runners-up:
Read Camille’s Essay
Read Sylvana’s Essay

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