2018 Nursing Scholarship


The wait is over! After receiving thousands of applications from undergraduate and graduate nursing students, we are delighted to announce the winners of our semi-annual Undergraduate & Graduate scholarships.

And the winners are…

An award of $1,500.00 will be made to Ana Herrera-Rivera, a RN-BSN student at The College of New Jersey, and to Kwamia Sanford, a MSN student at Binghamton University in Vestal, New York.

Ana Herrera-Rivera Undergraduate Scholarship Winner

Ana is a student in the RN-BSN program at The College of New Jersey. The first in her family to attend college, she has three younger siblings who look to her as their role model. Since middle school she has wanted a medical career. Following a tragic car accident which her aunt was involved in, she found herself recognizing and admiring all the hard work the nurses put into taking care of her family. It was that moment when Ana realized she wanted to go into nursing and be the kind of nurse who was there for her patients.

Ana Herrera-Rivera and family Undergraduate Scholarship Winner

“Being able to develop a relationship and understand what the specific needs or concerns a patient may have are vital to their recovery. Sometimes, patients do not have a family or friends to be there with them during this time where they may feel the most vulnerable and scared. I want to be that nurse that is there to support any and all patients. Those nurses augmented my faith and interest of the medical field as a whole and how beautiful it can be, especially nursing. The medical field needs more professionals who care as much as nurses do. The idea of being able to be that person to brighten up someone’s day during their hospital stay if absolutely gratifying.”

Kwamia Sanford Graduate Scholarship Winner

Kwamia is a MSN student at Binghamton University in Vestal, New York. Her touching essay about caring for her family and how it inspires her to care for her patients as if they were her family embodies the passion of a nurse. Kwamia highlights the importance of comfort and patient care essential to nursing and strives to provide compassionate care for her patients throughout the trajectory of their illnesses.

“My family means everything to me. I know that completing this program will add more security to my family’s future and it is my top priority to be a role model for my son. I want him to know that with hard work and determination anything is possible, but it starts with me.”

Kwamia Sanford and family Graduate Scholarship Winner

Each year we have received a growing number of scholarship applications. All the applicant’s applications and personal essays were moving and motivating. Ms. Herrera-Rivera and Mrs. Sanford’s illustrated the very special nature of those who have chosen to be nurses. Their stories are inspiring to all of us. Ana and Kwamia embody the spirit of the nursing profession with its emphasis on caring which is the very core of nursing.

With so many exemplary applications, we are excited to announce that this year we will also be awarding $100.00 gift cards and a free copy of one of our sponsoring titles to four runners-up. The two undergraduate scholarship runners-up are Victoria Mook, a BSN student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and Brittany Boud, a BSN student at Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing in Azusa, California. Reynaldo Capucao, Jr, an MSN student at University of Virigina in Charlottesville, Virginia and Cindy Cao, a DNP student from University of Massachusetts in Amherst Massachusetts are the two runners-up for the graduate scholarship.

Thank you to everyone who applied for our scholarships. Please follow us on social media to stay up to date about future scholarship opportunities!

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