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Florence Nightingale Give-A-Way!

We know Florence Nightingale best as the founder of modern nursing but Barbara Dossy, author of Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer, suggests that is only one side of her many faceted life. Dossy does a fantastic job at illustrating Nightingale’s magnificent legacy. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the book:

“Nightingale’s vision has inspired me in a deeper, richer and more compassionate view of nursing than I had ever conceived. I believe this awareness is valuable not only for nurses, but for anyone who has ever been drawn to ease the pain and suffering of another.”

“By her uncompromising, shining example, she invites each of us to find our meaning and purpose in our own individual journey through life.”

“May Florence Nightingale change your life, as she has mine.”

-Barbara Dossey

Follow us on twitter and use hash tag #NightingalePrevails, August 19th- 31st for a chance to win your very own copy of Barbara Dossey’s Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer, an F.A Davis favorite!

2016 Conference Schedule Part 3

Hello again! We are continuing to prepare for the fall semester with a batch of new products that we are very excited about! We will be attending meetings all over the US (and even abroad) to show them off! Check out where we will be headed and if you will also be attending any of these, leave a comment below, drop us a line , or connect with us now and we can meet face to face!

AMSN – Academy Medical-Surgical Nursing Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.

PT Director’s Meeting/ APTA Educational Leadership Conference
Phoenix, AZ

NCHSCE (National Consortium for Health Science Education) National Health Science Curriculum Conference 
Louisville, KY

PAEA – Physician Assistant Education Association Conference
Minneapolis, MN

MNA – Maryland Nursing Association 
Linthicum Heights, MD

APNA – American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference 
Hartford, CT

Frankfurt Book Fair 
Frankfurt, Germany

OT Program Director’s Meeting 
San Diego, CA

CNYSCS – Coalition of New York State Career Schools 
Callicoon, NY

APTA – American Physical Therapy Association National Student Conclave
Miami, FL

ECPI Faculty Conference
Virginia Beach, VA

OADN – Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
Dallas, TX

NSNA – Annual Mid-Year Conference 
Kansas City, MO

NAMAS – National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists Annual Conference 
Orlando, FL

2015 Conferences F.A. Davis Attendance

On the Road Again Part 4: Our Fall 2015 Conference Schedule

School’s back in session and summer’s over, but we’re still on the move and we want to meet you! If you’ll be attending any of these meetings, stop by our booth. We do demos and giveaways, and there’s always someone there to chat about your curriculum needs!


Behind the Scenes at a Video Shoot for Diseases of the Human Body, 6th Edition

By Andy McPhee, BSN, Senior Acquisitions Editor


“Can you shift to the left in your chair a bit? Just a bit more. Perfect, thanks.”

“Her eye line is off. Let’s move the teleprompter to the left. More. Almost got it. Audrey, can you tilt your head just a—that’s it. Keep it there, if you would, that’s perfect.”

“Great job, everyone. Okay, let’s get a room tone.”


Room tone? Eye line? Where am I?


2015 Conferences F.A. Davis Attendance

On The Road Again Part 3: Summer 2015 Conferences, Continued

Here’s our list of EVEN MORE conferences where we can chat face to face this summer. You can always emails us ahead of time at if you know you want to meet up and discuss your course content, your university’s bookstore, anything! We run demos at our booths, host author signings, do book giveaways and gift baskets, and so much more. Click through for the full list.

FSMTA – Florida State Massage Therapy Association
Orlando, FL
June 25th – 28th

AARC – American Association of Respiratory Care
Phoenix, AZ
July 13th – 15th