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2016 Conference Schedule Part 3

Hello again! We are continuing to prepare for the fall semester with a batch of new products that we are very excited about! We will be attending meetings all over the US (and even abroad) to show them off! Check out where we will be headed and if you will also be attending any of these, leave a comment below, drop us a line , or connect with us now and we can meet face to face!

AMSN – Academy Medical-Surgical Nursing Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.

PT Director’s Meeting/ APTA Educational Leadership Conference
Phoenix, AZ

NCHSCE (National Consortium for Health Science Education) National Health Science Curriculum Conference 
Louisville, KY

PAEA – Physician Assistant Education Association Conference
Minneapolis, MN

MNA – Maryland Nursing Association 
Linthicum Heights, MD

APNA – American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference 
Hartford, CT

Frankfurt Book Fair 
Frankfurt, Germany

OT Program Director’s Meeting 
San Diego, CA

CNYSCS – Coalition of New York State Career Schools 
Callicoon, NY

APTA – American Physical Therapy Association National Student Conclave
Miami, FL

ECPI Faculty Conference
Virginia Beach, VA

OADN – Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
Dallas, TX

NSNA – Annual Mid-Year Conference 
Kansas City, MO

NAMAS – National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists Annual Conference 
Orlando, FL

Fitness Decisions

Fitness Decisions to the Rescue!

The weather is starting to warm up and the walk to class is finally enjoyable. We all know what this means: The spring semester is almost over and summer is right around the corner.

We  know what you’re thinking…

“How am I possibly going to finish all of my assignments, spend hours at the library studying for finals, and still have time to get in shape for the warm weather?”

Do not worry, you’re not alone. That is why we created Fitness Decisions.  This online tool will help you manage your wellness and exercise and leave you time for hours at the library.

People of all types will benefit from the 350+ instructional videos that demonstrate the proper technique for each exercise. It’s like having a personal trainer by your side, explaining how to execute each movement.

In addition to the vast amount of physical fitness materials that is included in Fitness Decisions, generous information on nutrition, stress reduction, and overall health is  provided and backed up through interactive activities on the web.

You can incorporate everything you learn from Fitness Decisions into all aspects of your life, from exercise routines to eating and sleep habits.


At F.A Davis, it is our goal to provide you with products that help you in the classroom AND with your personal wellness.

For more information or a demo, visit


F.A. Davis Favorite Health Care Podcasts

Our Favorite Health Care Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming one of the quickest-growing methods for people to receive news and entertainment. According to Pew Research, podcast listenership reached its highest point in 2014, with the success of such podcasts like Serial and the launch of three new podcast networks.

In 2015, the trend is continuing, and we are now at a point where nearly double the amount of people are listening to podcasts than in 2008 (from 9% of Americans to 17%).

There is no shortage of podcasts for all these new listeners. There are comedy podcasts, ones about celebrity gossip, podcasts that talk about your favorite book, movie, show, etc. Basically, there is a podcast for everything. And some of the best podcasts are the ones that are healthcare-related.


Apply the basics of physical assessment Morton Diamond

Apply your Basics: Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) Assessment with our Author, Dr. Mort Diamond

We are immersed in a world of technology—robotic surgery, genetic manipulation, molecular biology, et cetera.

Yet, my plea is simple and direct: Do not forget the basics of physical examination, for many times, they more quickly and efficiently lead to the clinical diagnosis than the newer diagnostic modalities.


Summer’s Ending, But Your Workout Routine Doesn’t Have To!

Labor day is over, and the dog days of summer are quickly coming to an end.  I know this because the shadows are getting longer, the days are ending a bit earlier each week, and the whining about the end of lazy summer days has begun.  And I know THIS because I am one of the loudest of those whiners… summer’s end gets me every year.

But it’s important to remember that the heat and humidity are still very much with us.  Summer carries well into September, and even October can have some severe humid days.  This past week alone has been some of the hottest days I’ve experienced outside.  The sun is waning but it’s still very important to continue to take those sun precautions, and protect yourself internally and externally from the strong sun as we are out and about exercising and enjoying our outdoor activities.