Congratulations 2017 Nursing Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners and Runner-ups!

The wait is over! After receiving 7,293 applications from undergraduate and graduate nursing students, we are delighted to announce the winner of our third annual undergraduate scholarship and the winner of our second annual graduate nursing scholarship.

And the winners are…


Davis Edge NCLEX Question of the Week #19

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The nurse is assessing a neonate’s eyes immediately after birth. What does the nurse infer from these findings?


Question Options:
1.) The neonate has cataracts.
2.) The neonate has normal findings.
3.) The neonate has neurological trauma.
4.) The neonate has osteogenesis imperfecta

Option 1: The neonate shows response to red light reflex. Therefore, the neonate does not have cataracts.
Option 2: The neonate does not have white or bluish-white sclera. Therefore, the neonate does not have normal findings.
Option 3: The neonate with neurological trauma is characterized by the presence of unequal pupil reactions.
Option 4: A neonate with osteogenesis imperfecta is characterized by the presence of blue sclera in the eye.


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Davis Edge NCLEX Tip #7

Welcome back to this weeks NCLEX test taking tip brought to you by Davis Edge NCLEX-RN! Stay tuned for more tips to come!

Test-taking tip #7: Identify the global option.

  • Global options are more broad and wide-ranging than specific options.
  • One or more of the other options might be included under the umbrella of a global option.
  • Examine global options carefully because they are often the correct answer.
  • For example, a global option might say, “Keep patients clean and dry” versus a specific option, which might say, “Wash a patient’s perineal area after toileting.”
  • Study tips: Construct as many specific options as possible that could be included under the umbrella of a global option. Construct as many global options as possible in relation to the content presented in the stem. Doing so will increase your ability to identify a global option.
nclex study tips f a davis company

Davis Edge NCLEX Tip #5

We are back with this week’s NCLEX test taking tip brought to you by Davis Edge NCLEX RN!

Test-taking tip #5: Identify equally plausible options.

  • Equally plausible options are options that are so similar that one option is no better than the other.
  • Equally plausible options can both be deleted from further consideration.
  • For example, one option says “Dyspnea” and another option says “Difficulty breathing.” These two options are saying the same thing. One option is no better than the other; therefore, you can eliminate both from further consideration.
  • Another example is if one option states, “Encourage deep breathing exercises” and another option states, “Encourage the use of an incentive spirometer 10 times every hour.” Both of these options present interventions that increase the depth of respirations. One option is no better than the other; therefore, you can eliminate both options from further consideration. By doing so, you increase your chances of selecting the correct answer to 50 percent.
  • Study tip: Construct equally plausible options for the correct answer and identify equally plausible options for the options that are distractors.

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2016 Conference Schedule Part 3

Hello again! We are continuing to prepare for the fall semester with a batch of new products that we are very excited about! We will be attending meetings all over the US (and even abroad) to show them off! Check out where we will be headed and if you will also be attending any of these, leave a comment below, drop us a line , or connect with us now and we can meet face to face!

AMSN – Academy Medical-Surgical Nursing Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.

PT Director’s Meeting/ APTA Educational Leadership Conference
Phoenix, AZ

NCHSCE (National Consortium for Health Science Education) National Health Science Curriculum Conference 
Louisville, KY

PAEA – Physician Assistant Education Association Conference
Minneapolis, MN

MNA – Maryland Nursing Association 
Linthicum Heights, MD

APNA – American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference 
Hartford, CT

Frankfurt Book Fair 
Frankfurt, Germany

OT Program Director’s Meeting 
San Diego, CA

CNYSCS – Coalition of New York State Career Schools 
Callicoon, NY

APTA – American Physical Therapy Association National Student Conclave
Miami, FL

ECPI Faculty Conference
Virginia Beach, VA

OADN – Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
Dallas, TX

NSNA – Annual Mid-Year Conference 
Kansas City, MO

NAMAS – National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists Annual Conference 
Orlando, FL