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Davis Edge Question of the Week #25

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Which documentation style is appropriate according to International System of Units (SI) rules of notation?


Question Options:
1.) A
2.) B
3.) C
4.) D

Correct Option/Answers: 4

Option 1: The unit symbol should be written in the singular form; therefore, it is inappropriate to document it as “8.5 mgs of medication.”
Option 2: The unit symbol should not be followed by a period unless it is the last word in a sentence; therefore, it is inappropriate to write as “5 mg. of medication.”
Option 3: There should be a space between the number and the unit symbol; therefore, “2mL IV injection” is inappropriate documentation.
Option 4: The documentation “5 mg of medication” recorded by student nurse D is correct notation according to the International System of Units (SI) rules of notation.

Sciatica from Medical Terminology in a Flash

Med Term: A Health Care Career Foundation

Medical Terminology is more than just a weed out course you have to take before getting to the core of the training in your chosen field. Medical Terminology is part of learning medical language and essential for any health care professional to be able to communicate effectively and establish credibility with colleagues and patients alike.

Perhaps you’ve already started your journey toward a career in health care, or you’re thinking about it. Can you formulate a succinct and accurate response to the patient in the scenario here?


Author Guest Blog: Complexity Leadership in a Career Setting

By Diana M. Crowell PhD, RN, NEA-BC

Ready or not, nurses entering the profession at every level will be expected to take on leadership roles. In complexity leadership, the style  is transformational, self-reflective, collaborative, and relationship-based. The Personal Being and Awareness component includes the use of self-reflective and self-care practices for mind, body, and spirit. Distancing oneself from linear leadership and employing complexity leadership  can require personal strength,  courage, and self-awareness.


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And Our May Theme Is…

Just in case the photo above didn’t give it away, this month is all about GRADUATION and CAREER PREPARATION.

So instructors, while we still recommend snooping around for the great content we’ll be dishing out this month, many of our posts will be geared toward the next steps students will be taking as they leave your classrooms, pass their certification exams, and begin their careers in their chosen health profession.