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Experience the NEW DavisPlus!

This past winter, we surveyed some of the top users on our student and instructor resource site, DavisPlus.com, to see how we could make the site easier to use. If you’ve never been there before, DavisPlus is where you can go to view an ebook version of your textbook, get sample test questions, procedure videos, and so much more. For instructors, it’s the place where we keep all the PowerPoint slides, test banks, instructor guides, lecture videos, and anything else that will help you integrate the textbook into your curriculum and enhance your students’ understanding of the materials. For students, it’s a great place to find study resources. If you bought a new textbook, the Plus Code on the inside front cover will give you access to everything available for your book on our site.


5 Way to Sneak Studying into a Busy Day

5 ways to sneak studying into a busy day

By Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

Homework, class, social life, working out, jobs. All of these leave little time to do the most important thing when pursuing your healthcare degree: study. There are a number of ways to fit additional study time into your busy day without added stress, and can be done while you’re on the go.