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Introducing the Complete Dental Hygiene Curriculum Solution

At F.A Davis Company, we are proud to introduce our new products, Dental Hygiene  and Dental Care Decisions. Both work together to create a complete dental hygiene learning experience for your students. They provide the foundational knowledge and critical-thinking skills your students need and show them how to apply what they learned in a clinical setting.

Instructors, we know you’re busy and do a lot for your students.

Engage your students with immersive, multi- media learning. With the interactive eBook, Dental Hygiene: Applications to Clinical Practice, students will be able to identify specific aspects of anatomy & physiology, instruments, and equipment. Below are some of the exercises provided in the eBook that work to create a complete dental hygiene learning experience for your students:

  • Audio Interactive Case Studies
  • Fill-In Procedure Exercises
  • Communication Exercises
  • Hot Spot Exercises—focus on identifying specific aspects of anatomy & physiology, instruments, and equipment. (see below)
Dental Care Decisions Hot Spot Exercises

1. Identify the papilla of the mandibular central

Explore our complete dental hygiene curriculum solution with Dental Care Decisions that will allow you to:

  • Customize your course
  • Assess your students’ progress.
  • Gain access to a wealth of Teaching tools and resources online at DavisPlus, including a test bank, an image bank, and PowerPoint presentations.


REQUEST A PERSONAL DEMONSTRATION TODAY! Contact the Dental Care Decisions team at or visit for more information.

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Spring Semester 2016 Webinars, February 22-23

F.A. Davis is developing more tools than ever for instructors to use in the classroom, with a textbook or on their own. If you’re looking for new ways for your students to practice, apply, and assess their skills, consider one of our free educational webinars. We offer complete curriculum solutions for RN, LPN, Psychiatric nursing, Pathophysiology, Medical Terminology, Kinesiology, and so much more.

We have SO MANY webinars running this week, we split it into two posts. You’ll see the 2nd group of webinars on Wednesday! Remember, if you want to attend but can’t make the timeslot, register anyway! We’ll send you a recording of the webinar so you can listen on your own time. We also offer plenty of repeats or even personal demos of our products, so we can connect with you on your schedule.