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Sciatica from Medical Terminology in a Flash

Med Term: A Health Care Career Foundation

Medical Terminology is more than just a weed out course you have to take before getting to the core of the training in your chosen field. Medical Terminology is part of learning medical language and essential for any health care professional to be able to communicate effectively and establish credibility with colleagues and patients alike.

Perhaps you’ve already started your journey toward a career in health care, or you’re thinking about it. Can you formulate a succinct and accurate response to the patient in the scenario here?


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This Week @ FA Davis, 3/22-3/29

The beginning of Spring was ushered in by 4 inches of snow here in Philadelphia, and it’s also notable for one of the busiest times of year for us at FA Davis. New product releases, conferences, and our ongoing series of free webinars are just some of the ways you’ll be hearing from us over the next several months. To help guide you through everything that is on the horizon, we’re starting a new weekly update of the goings-on here at FA Davis. Let’s take a look at the week ahead: