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Davis's PA Exam Review for the PANCE and PANRE Morton Diamond

Engineering and Reverse-Engineering Test Questions

A skilled test-item writer carefully “engineers” construction of the stem of a question.

The construction has specific goals:

Firstly, the item writer must be confident that test-taker clearly understands what is being asked in the question.

Secondly, there must be sufficient information that leads the test-taker to the correct diagnosis or away from incorrect diagnoses.

Thirdly, when the question asks for the preferred therapy, there must be appropriate information, for example, renal function values, or a co-existing condition, for example, pregnancy, that leads the test-taker to the correct response.


Apply the basics of physical assessment Morton Diamond

Apply your Basics: Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) Assessment with our Author, Dr. Mort Diamond

We are immersed in a world of technology—robotic surgery, genetic manipulation, molecular biology, et cetera.

Yet, my plea is simple and direct: Do not forget the basics of physical examination, for many times, they more quickly and efficiently lead to the clinical diagnosis than the newer diagnostic modalities.


Test Taking Tips for Students Morton Diamond F.A. Davis Company

More Test-Taking Tips for Students from our author, Dr. Mort Diamond

In my earlier entry, I wrote about common errors made by test-takers. Probably the most common error made by the test-taker is that he or she hurriedly reads the stem without careful attention to all details.

Here is another example:


Test Taking Tips for Students Morton Diamond F.A. Davis Company

Breaking Down a Test Question with our Author, Dr. Mort Diamond

This is the time of year that many new graduates in the health professions prepare for national certifying examinations.

I write from several perspectives: a professor with many years’ experience in medical education, an experienced test item writer who served on a national certifying board, and as the author of two medical review books.

A certifying examination is a “two-way street.”

The test item writers must be careful in constructing the stem of questions. As an example, the skilled writer tries to do the following:


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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Publishers)

Welcome back to Davis Connect!

I’m sure it seems like all’s been quiet around here lately, and perhaps you thought we were out there soaking up the summer sun, hitting the beach, and coasting through summer vacation. But, as any instructor reading this knows, just because class isn’t in session doesn’t mean you’re not hard at work preparing for the Fall semester. That’s what we’ve been doing, too!

We have been plotting our most exciting Back to School season yet here at F.A. Davis, and we can’t wait to show our favorite students, instructors, and clinicians what’s in store.