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National Nurses Week 2015 at F.A. Davis Company

Health Care Link Roundup: Nurses Week Edition!

First things first…

Happy National Nurses Week 2015

HAPPY NURSES WEEK! At F.A. Davis, we are constantly humbled by the compassion, expertise, and skill that comes from our nursing authors and contacts, and we hope all our nursing friends are taking the time this week to celebrate your profession. Read on for some links we thought you would enjoy this week!


Graduation and career preparation at Davis Connect

And Our May Theme Is…

Just in case the photo above didn’t give it away, this month is all about GRADUATION and CAREER PREPARATION.

So instructors, while we still recommend snooping around for the great content we’ll be dishing out this month, many of our posts will be geared toward the next steps students will be taking as they leave your classrooms, pass their certification exams, and begin their careers in their chosen health profession.