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Davis Edge Question of the Week #27

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A nurse is assessing four student nurses while adding sterile solution to the sterile field. Which student nurse’s action is correct?


Question Options:
1.) Student A
2.) Student B
3.) Student C
4.) Student D

Correct Option/Answers: 3

Option 1: The student nurse should hold the sterile solution 4 to 6 inches above the sterile field. Pouring the sterile solution from 9 inches would lead to splashing, which in turn contaminates the sterile field.
Option 2: Student B should not store the sterile solution for further use. Reusing the opened container will lead to contamination.
Option 3: Student C’s action is correct. The sterile bowl should be placed at the corner of the sterile field, which would prevent the nurse from reaching over and contaminating the field.
Option 4: Student D should wear the gloves after adding the supplies to the sterile field. Adding supplies after donning the sterile gloves would contaminate them.

Davis Edge Question of the Week #26

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The registered nurse is evaluating a student nurse’s understanding of the components of the medication label. Which statement made by the student nurse indicates the need for further teaching?


Question Options:
1.) “The generic name of the drug is ERY-TAB.”
2.) “The dosage form of the drug is delayed-release tablets.”
3.) “The drug dose per tablet is 333 mg.”
4.) “The tablet can be administered with or without meals.”

Correct Option/Answers: 1

Option 1: ERY-TAB is the trade name of the drug, whereas erythromycin is the generic name of the drug.
Option 2: The drug is available in the form of delayed-release tablets.
Option 3: Each tablet contains 333 mg of the drug.
Option 4: According to the special instructions on the medication label, the drug can be administered without regard to meals.

Congratulations 2017 Nursing Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners!!

The moment you have all been waiting for is here! After receiving 3,356 applications from undergraduate and graduate nursing students, we are delighted to announce the winner of our second annual undergraduate scholarship and the winner of our first annual graduate nursing scholarship.

Drum roll please…


Florence Nightingale Give-A-Way!

We know Florence Nightingale best as the founder of modern nursing but Barbara Dossy, author of Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer, suggests that is only one side of her many faceted life. Dossy does a fantastic job at illustrating Nightingale’s magnificent legacy. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the book:

“Nightingale’s vision has inspired me in a deeper, richer and more compassionate view of nursing than I had ever conceived. I believe this awareness is valuable not only for nurses, but for anyone who has ever been drawn to ease the pain and suffering of another.”

“By her uncompromising, shining example, she invites each of us to find our meaning and purpose in our own individual journey through life.”

“May Florence Nightingale change your life, as she has mine.”

-Barbara Dossey

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Student Guest Blog: Advice to Freshman Nursing Students

Many College students are away from home for the first time. I agree it’s exciting and scary at the same time, no rules! Let me give you some advice that will help you succeed while still getting the college experience; your freshman year is your foundation. It’s when you are completing your gen –eds.  It important to stay focused and do well in these classes. It’s what’s going to keep your GPA up if you struggle later on. I’m not saying sit in your dorm all year. Go enjoy yourself, make friends who are nursing students! They will come in handy for study groups.